Dr Nnenna Osuji

What Croydon can learn from Covid-19 – Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting – 25th November 2020

On the 25th of November we had our second virtual meeting of the autumn and once again our speaker was from Croydon. We were delighted to hear Dr Nnenna Osuji, Consultant Haematologist, Medical Director and Deputy CE of CHS talk about “What Croydon can learn from COVID”.

Nnenna gave us a fascinating insight into the challenges the Pandemic threw at not just Croydon University Hospital but the whole health system. It became clear why CUH was so successful in not being overrun by the virus in the first wave and since then how well they are dealing both with the catch-up work and the developing second wave. The commitment of all the staff, the leadership and learning day by day (WhatsApp groups providing evidence based advice) plus cooperation between trusts – all this was highlighted as were individual and heart-warming stories. Nnenna spoke passionately and highlighted the impact on individuals and the importance of support for all staff.

The lively Q&A session was co-ordinated by John Spicer and there was universal praise for the performance of the Trust, ably led by Nnenna and her team. Nnenna was thanked for giving us such an excellent educational, engaging and inspiring talk.

Peter Boffa